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GEORGE ORWELL sent his manuscript of Animal Farm to Jonathan Cape, among other publishers, during World War II. Cape initially agreed to publish the book, but a mystery man from the Ministry of Informatio­n had a word, and Cape backed out — and none of the others Orwell approached would touch it either. Animal Farm was seen as an attack on the Soviets at a time when Russian soldiers and citizens were dying in their millions in the war against Nazi Germany. IN OUR TIME (RADIO 4, 9AM, 9.30PM) has Melvyn Bragg and his guests looking at the politics behind the book’s eventual publicatio­n.

HEBDEN BRIDGE is a wonderful place for walking. There are wild open moors, deep wooded valleys, millponds, canals and rivers. For her latest RAMBLINGS (RADIO 4,

3PM), Clare Balding joins a couple who take their three adopted children for walks through this glorious scenery. The children have all had to deal with emotional problems and have gained much comfort from these family walks.

JOE LYCETT (pictured), the camp and cuttingly polite comedian, is in the chair for a new series of IT’S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW (RADIO 4, 6.30PM), in which celebrity guests are quizzed to see how well they know their nearest and dearest. Holly Walsh, Tim Lovejoy and Nish Kumar are the first panellists.

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