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YOU have ten minutes to find as many words as possible using the letters in the wheel. Each word must use the hub letter and at least three others, and letters may be used only once. You cannot use plurals, foreign words or proper nouns, but verb forms ending in ‘s’ are permitted. There is one nine-letter word in the wheel, for which today’s clue is: Plant container and loudly bring down another! How you rate: 15 words, average; 20, good; 25, very good; 30 or more, excellent. Solution tomorrow. Yesterday’s words: acidly, amply, amyl, campy, clay, cloy, comply, copy, daily, damply, dimly, dimply, diplomacy, doily, dopy, idly, imply, lacy, lady, limy, loamy, madly, mayo, milady, moly, mopy, myopia, myopic, oily, palmy, play, ploy, policy, poly.

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