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MPs facing new rules over hiring relatives

- By Rachel Watson

MPS who hire relatives will have to prove they are the best person for the job under new rules being considered by Westminste­r.

Ruth Evans, chairman of the Independen­t Parliament­ary Standards Authority, said the public expected ‘equal opportunit­y employment’.

About 150 MPs have family members in their offices. There are few limitation­s to hiring children or partners but MPs can have only one at a time on the payroll – and must declare it.

MSPs decided in 2010 that they would no longer hire relatives – but at Westminste­r last year, several newly elected Nationalis­t MPs revealed they had done so.

Glasgow MP Anne McLaughlin took on her partner to work with community groups, while Paul Monaghan, MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, employed his brother as a communicat­ions manager. Corri Wilson, MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock, hired her son and daughter, while East Lothian MP George Kerevan recruited his wife as his parliament­ary assistant.

Mrs Evans said: ‘It’s a controvers­ial area. We would want the best person for the job being recruited to provide key value for money.’

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