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DJ Kirsty is queen of cool – even with reading glasses on

- By Joe Stenson

SHE is best known for sober analysis of current affairs, grilling politician­s, academics and bankers on the important issues of the day.

But on Saturday evening, BBC Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark swapped hard-nosed interviews for hard rock tunes at an after-hours club night.

Clubbers paid £6 to hear the 61-year-old behind the DJ decks in the basement club of Glasgow city centre’s Admiral bar. Wine glass in hand, Miss Wark played hits to a crowd of 200 fans.

From 11pm until 3am the presenter played everything from Billy Joel to Scissor Sisters. Dropping her sometimes frosty presenting persona she posed for selfies with bemused fans at the event, run by Glasgow organiser Pretty Ugly.

Throughout the night she could be seen pumping her fists and encouragin­g the crowds to dance along with her.

Emerging from the DJ booth, she even danced to a rendition of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire, which lists headline events from 1949 and 1989.

The veteran presenter also proved her credential­s with younger members of the audience, playing Kaiser Chiefs and The Black Keys.

When The Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen was played she could be seen enthusiast­ically mouthing along to the punk lyrics. Miss Wark concluded Newsnight with the song earlier this month in response to Tory MP Andrew Rosindell’s demand that the BBC end the day’s programmes with the national anthem.

On Halloween 2013 she also played out the programme with her rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, giving a stonyfaced performanc­e of the famous music video, with a full zombie dance troupe.

Pretty Ugly organiser Lynne Johnston said they had no previous connection to Miss Wark before the night.

She added: ‘We just asked her. We had seen her D Jing at the BAFTAs aftershow so knew she had fine taste in music.’

 ??  ?? Headline act: Kirsty poses behind the club’s DJ decks
Headline act: Kirsty poses behind the club’s DJ decks
 ??  ?? Geek chic: Wark adjusts her specs
Geek chic: Wark adjusts her specs

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