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The ugly true colours of Corbyn’s Labour


THIS was the day Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters abandoned all pretence of belonging to the political mainstream and exposed Labour for what it really is: Westminste­r’s nasty party.

True, the leader and his henchmen have seldom made a secret of their wish to subvert democracy and bring down the Government by inciting a workers’ revolution and illegal strikes.

But at the Labour conference yesterday, Momentum and the hard Left plumbed obnoxious new depths that should dismay the party’s decent traditiona­l supporters.

In a disgusting display, activists at a meeting listed in the official handbook applauded speakers who delivered vile anti-Semitic rants, calling for the expulsion of the Jewish Labour Movement for supporting the state of Israel.

One even compared Zionists to the Nazis, suggesting Labour should respect people’s right to question the Holocaust.

In another deeply disturbing sign of the times, it emerges that the BBC has hired a bodyguard to protect political editor Laura Kuenssberg, after a torrent of vicious threats. Risibly, a close Corbyn ally dismisses this as a ploy by the corporatio­n to discredit the Left! Meanwhile, emboldened by Labour’s surprise showing in the June election, shadow chancellor John McDonnell treated the party to yet more fantasy economics, guaranteed to bankrupt Britain.

Not content with pledging to abolish tuition fees and renational­ise the railways, utilities and the Royal Mail, he now says he’ll transfer Private Finance Initiative schemes worth tens of billions of pounds to the public sector.

Yet what he never tells us – and, extraordin­arily, the (publicly funded) BBC almost always fails to ask him – is where the money would come from to pay for his mind-boggling extravagan­ce.

All he will suggest is that Labour may not pay the market price for private companies. In other words, he plans to seize the assets of investors and pension funds, crippling savers and underminin­g the very concept of property and freedom.

Let Tories ambitious for personal advancemen­t be warned. If they risk destabilis­ing Theresa May, the stakes simply couldn’t be higher.

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