Scottish Daily Mail - - News - by Mar­garet Ak­ers SO­CI­ETY FOR THE PRO­TEC­TION OF UN­BORN CHIL­DREN SCOT­LAND

REV­E­LA­TIONS that the Govern­ment is to make at-home abor­tion pills avail­able are shock­ing. This puts women’s well­be­ing at risk.

Many vul­ner­a­ble women seek­ing med­i­cal and emo­tional sup­port will in­stead be sent home without any med­i­cal over­sight. The ex­pe­ri­ence is ghastly.

In 1990, Edouard Sakiz, chair­man of the com­pany which makes the RU 86 abor­tion pill (Mifepri­s­tone), said: ‘It is not at all easy to use… It’s an ap­palling psy­cho­log­i­cal or­deal.’ This new pol­icy will see women fac­ing this or­deal alone.

I am fa­mil­iar with the or­deals fac­ing women and men from the cries for help we re­ceive af­ter abor­tion.

One man sobbed as he ex­plained he and his wife had de­cided to go ahead with a med­i­cal abor­tion but when she de­liv­ered a tiny baby at home they were in­con­solable. They had not un­der­stood the re­al­i­ties.

Med­i­cal abor­tion is often de­scribed as safe pro­ce­dure but is not without risks.

Hos­pi­tal ad­mis­sion, blood trans­fu­sion, or sur­gi­cal abor­tion may be nec­es­sary if it goes wrong. Many women find med­i­cal abor­tions more painful than sur­gi­cal abor­tions.

If women face these sit­u­a­tions at home, they will not have ac­cess to im­me­di­ate med­i­cal in­ter­ven­tion they may need. Even if a DIY abor­tion works, the woman will be left to re­cover on her own – phys­i­cally and emo­tion­ally.

Our abor­tion laws have cor­rupted and hard­ened the hearts of many health pro­fes­sion­als work­ing in this area and the po­lit­i­cal voices that give them en­cour­age­ment.

To­day marks 50 years since the Abor­tion Act was passed.

It seems those ad­vo­cat­ing for abor­tion are more in­ter­ested in point scor­ing than treat­ing the is­sue with the grav­ity and care it de­serves.

We can­not force politi­cians or the Govern­ment to do right by women.

And this lat­est ini­tia­tive shows an ut­ter dis­re­gard for hu­man life, a dis­re­gard for the health of women and a dis­re­gard for the proper use of tax­pay­ers’ money. I am a young woman, con­sider my­self a fem­i­nist but am deeply dis­ap­pointed in the way our lead­ers are putting women at risk in the so-called name of progress.

So­ci­ety must not be taken in by a scheme that ig­nores the long-term con­se­quences for women and their fam­i­lies.

Abor­tion pills at home are not fit to be deemed part of health­care.

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