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Spacey ‘sat on throne’ in Andrew’s private tour of palace

- By Rebecca English Royal Correspond­ent

KEVIN Spacey was allowed to sit on the Queen’s throne when he was given a private tour of Buckingham Palace by Prince Andrew, it was claimed yesterday.

The visit happened ten years ago when the star, currently facing serious allegation­s of sexual misconduct, was artistic director of the Old Vic theatre in London.

It is claimed that Andrew escorted Spacey into areas normally off limits to visitors as well as the State Apartments, where receptions and banquets are held.

The visit took in the Throne Room, which contains two red silk and gold chairs – one for the Queen, the other for the Duke of Edinburgh – made for Her Majesty’s coronation in 1953.

While it would not be out of place for an escorted visitor to enter the room, which is open to paying members of the public each summer, the House of Cards star was apparently allowed to take personal photos and sit on one of the thrones.

Visitors are usually banned from taking photos in the palace and the thrones are roped off.

The Sunday Times quoted a source as saying: ‘Going anywhere near the throne is a total no-no. If a member of staff did, there would be disciplina­ry action. The Queen would not have been amused.’

It was unclear last night how Spacey, 58, came to be invited on the tour, but he and the Queen’s second son are known to share a mutual friendship with US paedophile businessma­n Jeffrey Epstein, who was jailed for trying to hire a 14-year-old girl as a prostitute.

Buckingham Palace confirmed yesterday that Spacey had been a guest of Prince Andrew around a decade ago.

A spokesman said: ‘Buckingham Palace is home to a number of members of the royal family who, from time to time, host guests in a private capacity.

‘As such, we are not going to comment on speculatio­n about any private meeting of any member of the royal family.’

There was no mention of the visit in the Court Circular, the record of royal events, because it was not an official engagement. It is not clear whether the Queen was in residence at the time.

It is understood Andrew believes he only met Spacey once and is not an acquaintan­ce or friend now, although the pair were pictured together at a fundraisin­g event for the Old Vic in 2003.

He also has no recollecti­on of the actor being allowed to visit the Throne Room and take photos of himself there.

A number of other celebritie­s have been given special treatment by the royal household.

In recent years both actress Angelina Jolie and model Kate Moss have been afforded private visits with their children.

Andrew, who is not believed to have been personally involved in either of those events, was publicly censured earlier this year when it emerged he and his exwife, Sarah, Duchess of York, had organised a private ‘princess’ birthday party for David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper in his suite of rooms. Critics described it as tacky and disrespect­ful.

He has also been lambasted for his friendship with Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev, who has been criticised over his human rights record.

Last month, Spacey was accused of trying to seduce Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp when he was 14.

Further claims have led to the cancellati­on of a series of acting projects, including Spacey’s involvemen­t in House of Cards.

Netflix has severed ties with him and said it would not release his film about writer Gore Vidal. He has also been cut from Hollywood blockbuste­r All the Money in the World.

‘Queen would not have been amused’

 ??  ?? Chat: Kevin Spacey and Prince Andrew at a 2003 theatre event
Chat: Kevin Spacey and Prince Andrew at a 2003 theatre event

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