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Allergy victims’ fury at Peter Rabbit film

- Daily Mail Reporter

THE new Peter Rabbit film is facing calls for a boycott over a scene in which bunnies attack a man with blackberri­es knowing he is allergic to them.

Allergy sufferers said the incident, in which the man quickly becomes seriously ill, amounts to ‘food bullying’.

Several groups representi­ng allergy sufferers have condemned the scene, prompting the hashtag #boycottpet­errabbit on social media.

The film, a mix of animation and live action based on the Beatrix Potter tales, has just been released in the US and will be seen here next month. It features the voice of James Corden as Peter Rabbit and there are also voice roles by Daisy Ridley and Margot Robbie, and live action roles played by Domhnall Gleeson, Rose Byrne and Sam Neill.

But a petition by Australian group Global Anaphylaxi­s Awareness and Inclusivit­y (Globalaai), which has already attracted more than 4,000 names, is calling for Sony Pictures to apologise.

The group claims the film ‘mocks the seriousnes­s of allergic disease and is heartbreak­ingly disrespect­ful to the families of those that have lost loved ones to anaphylaxi­s’ – a life-threatenin­g allergic reaction. A US group called Kids with Food Allergies Foundation has also posted a Facebook warning to parents about the film.

In the scene Peter and his friends attack the nephew of Peter’s arch-enemy Mr McGregor with blackberri­es.

They know Tom McGregor is allergic to the berries, and at one point even shoot one into his mouth. After becoming ill he has to inject himself in the leg with adrenaline to combat the allergic reaction.

Parents expressed their dismay on social media. One mother said: ‘I have watched my son go into anaphylact­ic shock. That was NOT funny.’

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