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THE invasion of Israeli airspace by an Iranian drone operated from Syria – and Syria’s shooting down of an Israeli F-16 – highlights the growing threat of Iran and its proxies.

Tehran is a major destabilis­ing force in the Middle East and a leading financier of Islamist terrorism.

Donald Trump scorned the Kumbaya-with-Khamenei approach of Barack Obama but he has to hammer out his own, more assertive, strategy for tackling the rogue regime.

One small mercy in all this is that, even if the situation between Israel and Syria escalates, a ground war is unlikely thanks to Israel’s presence in the Golan Heights.

The 700 square mile plateau was captured in 1967 and annexed in 1981, much to the consternat­ion of the United Nations. Yet Israel’s decision proved wise and ensured a strategic buffer zone on its north-eastern border. The Golan is vital to security and it’s time the internatio­nal community swallowed its pride and recognised the region as part of Israel. THIS column marks the oneyear anniversar­y of my arrival on this page. I’m grateful for your loyal readership and warm correspond­ence. Obviously, it’s a special occasion but I was still surprised to receive a gift from the SNP: A depute leadership contest between James Dornan and, potentiall­y, Pete Wishart, left. It’s what I’ve always wanted.

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