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Saintly Widders blasts Meghan’s fast conversion

- Andrew Pierce

During her sojourn in the Celebrity Big Brother house last month, the redoubtabl­e Ann Widdecombe controvers­ially branded Prince Harry’s future wife, Meghan Markle, ‘trouble’.

When asked why by fellow contestant­s in the Channel 5 reality TV show, she said: ‘Her background, attitude. . . i worry.’

now, Widders — a surprise runner-up in the show — has gone further and is questionin­g the wisdom of fasttracki­ng Miss Markle into the Church of England.

Meghan, a divorcee, is to be baptised and confirmed before her wedding in May. Widders, who quit the Church of England in 1992 and converted to roman Catholicis­m because the ordination of women ‘was the last straw’ asks: ‘Hang on a second, Archbishop of Canterbury: was Miss Markle already planning to avail herself of these sacraments because she had been converted to such beliefs, or is this just a matter of form now she is marrying a royal? Surely that is a question which matters.’ Writing in The Catholic Herald, she continues: ‘Had the Church taken into account the previous marriage and divorce? But that pales into insignific­ance beside the question of baptism and confirmati­on, both of which sacraments require belief and commitment.

‘Where is the evidence Miss Markle would have adopted such procedures had she not been about to marry a prince of the realm... A wedding is holy matrimony, not just a gigantic fancy dress parade.’

i suspect the wedding invitation for the Saintly Widders will be lost in the post.

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