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From back problems to arthritis, here, experts recommend five of the best products for chronic pain.

VIBRATING PILLOW £23.94, sensorydir­

‘I OFTEN recommend this kind of thing for my patients with back pain,’ says Dr Vanessa Hodgkinson, a pain management consultant at Spire Nottingham Hospital.

‘Placed over the area of pain, the vibrations can really help, particular­ly if you need to sit for a lengthy period, say when travelling. The massaging action is comforting and the nerve stimulatio­n from the vibrations may also help distract from or dull any pain signals.’


‘NOTING down what level your pain is on a scale of one to ten, what triggers it, and how long it lasts on a daily basis allows you to see patterns,’ says Dr Attam Singh, a consultant in pain medicine at The London Pain Clinic.

‘This can help you anticipate and treat pain more efficientl­y. A diary like this has specific sections to fill in, but an ordinary notebook is fine, too, or you can print off pain diary pages from the internet.’


£18.99 for 120 capsules, ‘SEVERAL well-designed studies involving patients with osteoarthr­itis have shown that taking galactolip­id, or GOPO, an extract of rose hips, can rapidly reduce joint pain, stiffness and reduce the need for painkiller­s,’ says Dr Rod Hughes, a consultant rheumatolo­gist at St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey.

Rose hip extract is thought to be antiinflam­matory. ‘While it may not work for everyone, the evidence seems to be consistent. If people wish to try a natural remedy, I would recommend this.’

HEADSPACE APP Free for first ten days, then £5.99 a month, App Store or Google Play

‘STRESS, and its physical effects, such as muscle tightness, have been shown to significan­tly exacerbate chronic pain,’ says Dr Singh. ‘Following mindfulnes­s and meditation techniques — like those outlined on this app — can help.’


£5.50, ‘THESE spiky trigger point balls can be good for releasing painful tight muscles,’ says Lyndsay Hirst, a physiother­apist and teacher at yourpilate­s ‘Place the ball under the area and roll on top of it until you find the trigger or sore spot. Roll on and off until the pain diminishes.’

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