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Forty years on, DJ ends his feud with the Rollers

- By Paul Drury

THERE was a time when a Bay City Rollers song was being played on every radio music show you tuned into.

But Radio 2 DJ Johnnie Walker was so sick of the Scots pop act he refused to play them at all, sparking a 40-year feud.

Walker has now apologised for snubbing Rollermani­a.

On his Sounds of the Seventies show on Sunday he said ‘a whole deal of water has flown under the bridge since then’ as he played host to Rollers singer Les McKeown, now aged 62.

Walker admitted his frustratio­n in March 197 when the band had a Number One hit with Bye Bye Baby.

On Sunday, Walker, 73, said: ‘The Press were hailing you as the new Beatles. Bye Bye Baby had been at the top of the charts for five weeks.

‘I used to announce the chart list and I said to my producer “please tell me we have got a new Number One”. And he said ‘No, it’s the same.’

McKeown interrupte­d: ‘And you went “Aaargh!”. All hell broke loose that night.’

Walker made up for lost time by playing Bye Bye Baby and Shang-A-Lang on his show.

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