Scottish Daily Mail

Airships should be brought back as eco-friendly ‘hotels of the sky’

- By Kumail Jaffer

THEY were the epitome of luxury for air travel, described as ‘hotels in the sky’ – until the Hindenburg disaster.

Now a Scottish researcher believes airships should be reintroduc­ed as a comfortabl­e, sustainabl­e alternativ­e for flyers everywhere.

Dr Keith Baker’s suggestion comes 2 years after the ill-fated German airship exploded in New Jersey, killing 36.

But the Glasgow Caledonian University researcher said: ‘Advances made since the Hinderburg allow airships to fly on cylinders packed with hydrogen jet fuel, which is cheaper, lighter and relatively abundant.’

Although travel is likely to be much slower – the Hindenburg took 44 hours to cross the Atlantic – holidaymak­ers could relax and enjoy a cruise-like journey.

British manufactur­er Hybrid Air Vehicles is also developing an all-electric airship which will offer en-suite bedrooms and fine dining for up to 1 passengers.

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