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ESCHER’S fa­mous litho­graph of ever as­cend­ing and de­scend­ing stairs is a clever op­ti­cal il­lu­sion; the Shep­ard-Ris­set glis­sando plays the same kind of trick on our ears. Trevor Cox presents AUDITORY IL­LU­SIONS (RA­DIO 4, 11.30AM), ex­plain­ing how the glis­sando makes us think that its pitch is con­stantly ris­ing, and talk­ing to mu­si­cians, com­posers and psy­chol­o­gists about other sounds that can fool the ear.

ANTARC­TICA is a cold, windy, harsh en­vi­ron­ment, and one where the wildlife pho­tog­ra­pher John Aitchi­son has been spend­ing a lot of time. John has been work­ing on the BBC’s lat­est big na­ture se­ries, Seven Worlds, One Planet, film­ing the per­ilous early days of gen­too pen­guin chicks as they tot­ter down to the cold sea for the first time. John


11.30AM, 11.30PM) to tell us about the long and painstak­ing process be­hind the mak­ing of this se­ries.

FIXIE FARR is al­ways try­ing to sort out other peo­ple’s prob­lems. One day, as she sits in a cof­fee bar, a hand­some man asks her to look af­ter his lap­top, then in­sists on re­turn­ing the favour. The singer and ac­tress Kerry El­lis (pic­tured) rec­om­mends So­phie Kin­sella’s best­seller about the fix­ing of Fixie’s life in this week’s edi­tion of A GOOD READ (RA­DIO 4, 4.30PM).

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