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What should South bid, af­ter part­ner opens with 3Nt?

AgAin, don’t forget that the 3nT open­ing shows a long solid mi­nor and noth­ing out­side.

You must there­fore, be­tween you, be miss­ing two aces, so no ques­tion of a slam arises. nor have you a suit of your own which could pos­si­bly be bet­ter than clubs — which you know, by def­i­ni­tion, must be his suit.

You could bid 4nT, which asks opener to con­vert to his mi­nor suit at the five-level, but yours is not a hand on which it will be an ad­van­tage for the lead to go up to north’s hand, and nor will it mat­ter at all if your hand is dummy. Bid 5♣, which shows a hand on which you wish to be in game.

Some the­o­rists, in­ci­den­tally, play 4nT as a slam try, sug­gest­ing that opener should press on to six in his suit hold­ing an ex­tra trick, but this would avail noth­ing here, as he def­i­nitely shouldn’t have ei­ther the ♠A or ♦A.

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