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VERITASH — ro­man de­ity, when ‘In Vino’ some­times eco­nom­i­cal with the truth.

DIONYSHUS — Greek de­ity of wine never mished the chance of a drop. NEP­TUNES — ro­man sea de­ity fond of singing sea shanties. ARTEMISS — Greek de­ity of hunt­ing was a poor shot and missed more than he got.

VES­TAS — ro­man de­ity of hearth and home, but didn’t get out much. Met her match when a swan chased her.

HYPNOSE — Greek de­ity of sleep kept wife awake with snor­ing. She di­vorced him and mar­ried Som­nus, the ro­man de­ity of sleep, to get a good night’s kip.

A. Dean, Keigh­ley, W. yorks.

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