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Can you run up the stairs?

YES, I def­i­nitely can! Even though I re­tired from com­pet­ing in 2015, I still run sev­eral times a week; it’s my stress re­lief. I en­cour­age my two chil­dren, who are nine and 12, to join me on short runs be­cause it’s im­por­tant to get kids ac­tive.

Do you get your five a day?

YES, eas­ily. I used to eat up to six times a day, but I eat less now be­cause I’m not as ac­tive. I love por­ridge with ba­nanas and honey, and salmon or chicken with brown rice and veg.

Any vices?

I LOVE cheese, fresh bread and wine. And dark choco­late — but as it con­tains bioflavono­ids (a po­tent an­tiox­i­dant) and iron, it’s a good vice in my mind!

Any fam­ily ail­ments?

MY MUM, Pat, was di­ag­nosed with breast cancer and has been in re­mis­sion for ten years. Her di­ag­no­sis re­in­forced the ben­e­fits of reg­u­lar mam­mo­grams and smear tests, and meant I’ve had early ac­cess to NHS breast screen­ing.

Worst ill­ness?

HAV­ING had asthma since I was 11, I al­ways have the flu jab be­cause the con­di­tion com­pro­mises the im­mune sys­tem, putting me at greater risk. Two years ago, I got the jab late and came down with a nasty bout, which de­vel­oped into bron­chi­tis and pneu­mo­nia. It takes two weeks for the flu jab to take full ef­fect; the sooner you get it be­fore the flu sea­son starts in De­cem­ber, the bet­ter.

Worst in­jury?

A FOOT in­jury that stemmed from an un­di­ag­nosed stress frac­ture I picked up when I was 20. It caused os­teoarthri­tis in my left foot and there’s no cure, so it’s a case of pre­vent­ing it from get­ting worse.

How well do you cope with pain?

I HAVE a nat­u­rally high pain thresh­old. It’s not that I’m be­ing brave or try­ing to ig­nore pain — I just don’t feel it in the same way as other peo­ple.

Tried al­ter­na­tive reme­dies?

I USED to get dry needling, sim­i­lar to acupunc­ture, to ease mus­cu­lar pain. Ki­ne­sio tap­ing, to help sup­port mus­cles and en­cour­age the nat­u­ral heal­ing process, also worked well.

Ever been de­pressed?

OVER­ALL, I’m pretty op­ti­mistic. I try not to worry about things I can’t con­trol, such as what peo­ple think of me.

What keeps you awake?

NOT much! I sleep like a log and need a min­i­mum of eight hours a night, oth­er­wise I’m quite grumpy.

Hang­over cure?

I HAVEN’T had a hang­over for a long time. I stay well hydrated with wa­ter when I’m drink­ing, which def­i­nitely helps.

Like to live for ever? IF I was fit and able, I’d love that.

Paula Rad­cliffe is en­cour­ag­ing peo­ple to get their flu jabs. Visit asda. com to find your near­est phar­macy.

FOR­MER world cham­pion run­ner Paula Rad­cliffe, 45, an­swers our health quiz

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