Scottish Daily Mail - - Femail Style - by Christa D’Souza

It’s the last tol­er­ated prej­u­dice. But Fe­mail’s had enough. It’s time we called out those day-to-day mo­ments when we’re pa­tro­n­ised for no longer be­ing young...

MOST peo­ple were com­pli­men­tary when I dyed my hair grey to match my roots last year. One friend how­ever, who I bumped into re­cently, ad­mit­ted she didn’t like it be­cause be­ing grey made me look older.

This friend is known for her hon­esty and I ap­pre­ci­ate her for not pre­tend­ing she liked it, but it made me re­flect. Was it an er­ror to go grey be­fore I needed to?

I’ll some­times catch a glimpse of my­self in a shop win­dow and think, ‘Who is that older woman?’ be­fore re­al­is­ing it is me.

On the other hand, is it so bad to look one’s age? Over the years, I’ve spent way too much time and money on pro­ce­dures — Bo­tox, filler, hair dye — to look younger. In­creas­ingly, I’m be­gin­ning to think, to what end?

I’m not talk­ing about giv­ing up here, but an aes­thetic that isn’t based on youth. If wrin­kles and grey hair can be at­trac­tive on a man, couldn’t they be sexy on a woman, too?

Or is fe­male beauty al­ways go­ing to be a slave to our per­ceived fer­til­ity?

We need to in­vent a new non-ageist cat­e­gory. In the in­terim, I’ll be hold­ing onto the grey, and if in the com­ing months my face looks a little less fixed, you’ll know I’ve put my money where my mouth is.

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