I was tired and achey, but Otis gives me va-va-voom

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PHILLIPPA TAP­HOUSE, 50, works in a cafe. She lives in Ox­ford­shire with hus­band Si­mon, 48, a com­mer­cial direc­tor of a prop­erty de­vel­op­ment company, their three chil­dren and two dogs Otis and Mo. Phillippa says:

I TURNED 50 in April, which I wasn’t happy about. I felt low about leav­ing my 40s and was ex­pe­ri­enc­ing tired­ness, aching and the oc­ca­sional hot flush.

We bought Otis, a minia­ture sausage dog, as a present for my son last year. We al­ready have Mo, a bor­der ter­rier, but he’s very much my hus­band’s dog.

De­spite the fact I’ve never been a huge dog lover, the minute we got Otis, I turned into a ner­vous wreck. I couldn’t sleep or func­tion be­cause I was so anx­ious about some­thing hap­pen­ing to him.

We’d go out for a walk and I’d be wor­ry­ing about him run­ning into the road or get­ting lost. I won­der if this anx­i­ety was another symp­tom of the ap­proach­ing menopause.

I went to my GP and burst into tears, say­ing: ‘I sim­ply don’t feel like me.’ She sug­gested HRT, but I’m not ready for that yet. It’s not that I dis­agree with HRT, but I want to try to deal with this as nat­u­rally as pos­si­ble first.

Over the months, I felt like Otis was hav­ing a pos­i­tive ef­fect. He’s so lov­ing, and we shared such a con­nec­tion, that I felt he was bring­ing me back to my ‘old self’. I’ve al­ways been one for a daily rou­tine and a bal­anced diet, but the menopause made me lose track. I was eat­ing lots more and for­get­ting to ex­er­cise — not to men­tion be­ing tired and achey a lot of the time.

But thanks to Otis, I was forced to get back into a rou­tine and now feel more in con­trol. While my chil­dren need me less and less, Otis al­ways seems happy to see me. When they’re all do­ing their own thing, Otis will come up for a cud­dle and com­forts me as much as I do him. He makes me laugh ev­ery sin­gle day. Walk­ing him twice daily has meant I’ve lost half a stone, and am eat­ing more healthily as a re­sult.

It means that I’m en­ter­ing the real menopause with more va-vavoom than I’ve had for quite a long time.


Com­fort and a cud­dle: Phillippa Tap­house with sausage dog Otis

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