Must we ban pri­vate cars to save the planet?

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AT FIRST, I thought the sug­ges­tion to ban pri­vate cars to save the planet (Let­ters) was a tongue-in-cheek com­ment. Then I re­alised some peo­ple do be­lieve we will have to go back to the days of the horse-drawn plough and the ox cart if we are to tackle cli­mate change. Only a tiny pro­por­tion of the CO2 in the at­mos­phere is man-made. When the chang­ing cli­mate means our weather is cooler, we will be cursed for clos­ing down fossil-fu­elled power sta­tions.

ALAN SHARPE, Mel­ton Mow­bray, Le­ics.

IN HIS let­ter, Robin May­hew says that we should get rid of cars and use public trans­port in­stead. I am a painter and dec­o­ra­tor, so I hope he moves along the car­riage when I get on with my extending lad­ders!

STEPHEN SWIFT, Whitwick, Le­ics.

AS WELL as cars, should we get rid of wash­ing ma­chines, cen­tral heat­ing and tum­ble-dry­ers? Do we re­ally need to go back to me­dieval times in a bid to save the planet? How do Ex­tinc­tion Re­bel­lion protesters get to their protests? Don’t con­demn us all to a life of hard­ship.


IF WE ban driv­ing cars to save the en­vi­ron­ment, what should we do with the mil­lions of pri­vate ve­hi­cles?

TIM CLAR­IDGE, Camelford, Corn­wall.

THE ve­hi­cles we should ban are com­pany cars, given as perks to em­ploy­ees who whinge about the tax they pay. Why not travel to work on public trans­port and use a pool car when busi­ness dic­tates.

D. CORNHILL, Welling­bor­ough, Northants.

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