HID­DEN in the grid is the name of an actress. An­swer the ques­tions, then re­ar­range the letters cor­re­spond­ing to your an­swers to fill in the name.

Scottish Daily Mail - - Puzzles & Prizes - Semolina (K) Blanc­mange (W) Pos­set (A)

BOX 1: What was the name of the char­ac­ter played by Hailee steinfeld (pic­tured) in the 2018 film Bum­ble­bee?

Clara Win­ston (D) Cody Wil­son (R) Char­lie Wat­son (G)

BOX 2: Which actress is voic­ing Queen iduna in the new an­i­mated film se­quel Frozen 2?

Jen­nifer Aniston (H) Evan Rachel Wood (O) Amy Adams (F)

BOX 3: Late actress Anne Haddy played the char­ac­ter of He­len Daniels in which TV soap?

Corona­tion Street (I) Em­merdale (B) Neigh­bours (D)

BOX 4: Who wrote the 1987 play steel Mag­no­lias?

Robert Har­ling (G) Neil Simon (M) Pe­ter Shaffer (S)

BOX 5: eng­land rugby star Owen Far­rell also plays for which Premier­ship team?

Sara­cens (L) Sale Sharks (U) Lon­don Ir­ish (N)

BOX 6: Which of the fol­low­ing orig­i­nated as a hot al­co­holic drink, but is now more com­monly a dessert?

BOX 7: How many cen­time­tres are there in a kilo­me­tre?

One thou­sand (I) Ten thou­sand (V) One hun­dred thou­sand (T)

BOX 8: What was the al­ter ego of car­toon char­ac­ter Dark­wing Duck?

Scrooge McDuck (S) Drake Mal­lard (A) Fen­ton Crack­shell (V)

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