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BIL­LIONS in bribes to vot­ers. The prob­lem is our chil­dren will have to pay the bill.

ANDY KNAPP, Birm­ing­ham.

NO MEN­TION in the Tory man­i­festo to pro­tect Ser­vice veterans from prose­cu­tion.

KIERAN IR­WIN, Shep­per­ton, Mid­dle­sex.

IF the SNP gets its way on In­dyref 2, will it pub­lish a new pa­per of fairy tales called Scot­land’s Fu­ture, or be hon­est and call it Fan­tasy?

HARRY SIN­CLAIR, Tur­riff, Aberdeen­shire.

HOW self­ish to say your vote de­pends on sav­ing the free TV li­cence for the over-75s (Let­ters). Why should tax­pay­ers pay for a perk many el­derly peo­ple can af­ford them­selves?

M. SOUTHON, Fern­down, Dorset.

LABOUR has lost my vote after the glar­ing omis­sions in its man­i­festo: free beer, free en­try to Premier League matches and your money back when you lose at the book­ies.

CHRIS DAY, Crowthorne, Berks.

I SENT my mother’s death cer­tifi­cate to BT. They replied: ‘Dear Madam, we’re sorry to see you go . . .’ I ap­pre­ci­ate let­ters are com­put­er­gen­er­ated, but how in­sen­si­tive.

M. WHITE, ad­dress sup­plied.

MY SLEEP­ING habits mean I’m half­way to be­com­ing the first hu­man to hi­ber­nate (Mail).

JOHN CROSS, Lit­tle Clac­ton, Es­sex

JEREMY COR­BYN and his Shadow Front Bench have been in hi­ber­na­tion since 1976.

PAUL CHARLES COOK, Hud­der­s­field, W. Yorks.

THE Queen has can­celled Prince An­drew’s 60th birth­day bash. Any­one for pizza?

GLYN JONES, Birm­ing­ham. FOR per­mis­sion to copy cut­tings for in­ter­nal man­age­ment and in­for­ma­tion pur­poses, please con­tact the News­pa­per Li­cens­ing Agency (NLA), PO Box 101, Tun­bridge Wells TN1 1WX. Tel: 01892 525273. e-mail: [email protected]

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