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1. David is grow­ing three sunflowers. The short­est is five-sev­enths as tall as the tallest, which is as much taller than the mid­dle one as the mid­dle one is taller than the short­est. If the mid­dle sun­flower is nine feet tall, how tall is the tallest one?

2. What con­nects the fol­low­ing: Michael, Can­dle and Hal­low?

3. Which Abba hit may make THE GNOME HATE FAME?

4. Which is the odd one out: Green, Crane, Bing, Buf­fay?

5. Us­ing the chem­i­cal sym­bols, how may one make ger­ma­nium, neon, ra­dium and tel­lurium? SO­LU­TION: PULLOUT BACK PAGE

1 Ten and a half feet. 2 They all form new words with the suf­fix -mas (Michael­mas, Can­dle­mas, Hal­low­mas). 3 The Name Of The Game. 4 Crane; the oth­ers are sur­names of Friends char­ac­ters. 5 Gen­er­ate (Ge-Ne-Ra-Te).

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