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1 Pic­ture Clue 5 Pic­ture Clue

8 A sine curve yield­ing liquorice plant (5) 9 Guru ral­lies the mid­dle of the coun­try (5)

10 In Poly­ne­sia, it’s got an un­for­tu­nate set-up (5) 12 Shape of the mildew? (5)

14 Pic­ture Clue 15 Pic­ture Clue


1 Pic­ture Clue

2 How sol­diers can dress (civilly) (5) 3 Cir­cle in main ner­vous system (5)

4 Pic­ture Clue

6 Pic­ture Clue 7 Pic­ture Clue

11 En­ticers set out to be more pleas­ant (5) 13 Dim, un­til cor­rected (5)

1d. In no Spar­tan con­di­tions can one be to­tally un­bi­ased (3-8)

4d. Ted suf­fered let­downs, but still got mar­ried (7,4)

7d. Got a bro­ken rib, Mama, with this in­stru­ment (7)

15a. Phan­tom torn with grief in the East Mid­lands (11)

6d. Be like a Thes­pian in the wood? (7)

14a. Strangely cal­cu­lated to be not due, in a leery cry (7)

5a. Car­riage ser­vant car­ry­ing mono type of fat (7)

1a. An­imism cuts out the habit of col­lect­ing your change (11)

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