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I WaS amused by Ms Wilkie’s re­ac­tion to cold call­ers (Peter­bor­ough). The ones who re­ally get to me are those who start off by ask­ing me how I am. One morn­ing such a call came when I was in a bad mood, so in re­ply to be­ing asked how I was, I said that, ac­tu­ally, I wasn’t feel­ing well. af­ter a few sec­onds’ si­lence, he asked me what the matter was. I pre­tended I had bad ath­lete’s foot and was un­able to find a cure. I said it was very painful, the smell was ter­ri­ble and I was be­com­ing a so­cial out­cast. Worse, my wife found it so dis­gust­ing that she re­fused to sleep with me. I couldn’t be­lieve it when he said that in his coun­try they have a very good recipe for it and he would give me the de­tails. There were some spices, made up into a kind of poul­tice. I was too con­vulsed with laugh­ter by then to do any­thing ex­cept thank him for his kind­ness. He said he hoped I would soon get bet­ter. We parted on friendly terms, and it cured my bad mood com­pletely. I never found out why he had rung me.

D. S. Lieber­man, Lon­don N20.

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