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Lib Dem leader Rennie retains North East Fife


THE leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has retained his seat after a huge rise in his support.

Willie Rennie’s vote soared by 11 percentage points in North East Fife, while the Conservati­ves’ share declined by 11 percentage points in a clear sign that its voters switched to the best-placed pro-Union alternativ­e to the SNP.

The SNP had targeted the seat, and candidate Rhuaraidh Fleming increased the party’s share by 2.9 percentage points compared to 201 .

But Mr Rennie, who has been an MSP and Scottish Lib Dem leader since 2011, comfortabl­y held on with a 7,448 majority.

Speaking at the count, Mr Rennie hailed it as ‘such a great result’ for his party, and said he would stand up for his constituen­ts on mental health, education, the economy,

jobs and climate.

He added: ‘I hope all the candidates in this election... hear the message from the voters: that now is not the moment for another referendum. We need to listen to that.’ The Lib Dems won 55 per cent of the overall vote in the constituen­cy, with the SNP on 37 per cent, the Conservati­ves on per cent, and Labour on 3 per cent.

When asked for his reaction to the win, Mr Rennie told the BBC: ‘I can smile now and it’s a big cheesy smile. We’ve increased the vote substantia­lly... I’m absolutely delighted with this stonking win.’

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