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Angus Robertson wins Edinburgh seat for SNP


FORMER SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson will return to frontline politics after ousting the Conservati­ves from Ruth Davidson’s seat.

Four years after losing his Moray constituen­cy at the snap General Election, Mr Robertson, pictured, managed to claw back Edinburgh Central for the SNP.

With a majority of just over 800 votes, the Tories had anticipate­d a battle to retain it.

But Mr Robertson managed to overcome the slight majority and gain one of his own – of 4,732. The ex-SNP Westminste­r leader won with 16,276 votes, with Tory candidate Scott Douglas receiving 11,544, and Labour’s Maddy Kirkman 6,839 votes.

Speaking after his election, Mr Robertson said voters in the seat had rejected Boris Johnson and Brexit.

The seat had been a key target for the SNP, with Nicola Sturgeon travelling to the constituen­cy several times to campaign alongside Mr Robertson. He said: ‘We have won the seat of the former leader of the Scottish Conservati­ves and recorded our best ever SNP result.

‘The people, many of whom stood in queues of rain and hail yesterday, have spoken, and their democratic choice has been to elect an SNP MSP for Edinburgh Central, in support of an SNP Government dealing with Covid recovery, for the re-election of Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister and that Scotland’s future should be in Scotland’s hands.’

Miss Davidson previously announced she would stand down as an MSP, and will now take up a seat in the House of Lords.

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