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Fringe parties slammed after clashes

- By Mark Howarth

CANDIDATES for marginal parties were branded racists yesterday after they sought public confrontat­ions with SNP ministers.

Nicola Sturgeon was harangued in the street on Thursday by Right-wing activist Jayda Fransen, who was contesting her Glasgow Southside seat.

And Humza Yousaf was embroiled in a row with another of her opponents, Liberal Party candidate Deek Jackson, who was escorted by police from the count.

The justice secretary claimed he had been aggressive­ly quizzed over the abuse of women and children in Pakistan. Mr Jackson later finished seventh in the poll with 102 votes and Miss Fransen last with 46.

Miss Sturgeon subsequent­ly took aim at the extremists in her victory speech at the city’s Emirates Arena.

‘She said: ‘It is the privilege of my life to represent the most multicultu­ral, diverse constituen­cy in the whole of Scotland.

‘Yesterday the constituen­cy was targeted by far-Right thugs. The far-Right thug who led that confrontat­ion got 46 votes.

‘Once again, Glasgow Southside has shown the racists and the fascists they are not welcome in Glasgow Southside, they are not welcome in Glasgow and they are not welcome anywhere in Scotland and let that be a note of unity.’

Mr Yousaf revealed political opponents came to his aid when Mr Jackson’s group made a ‘beeline’ for him. He said: ‘They were directing questions at me about Pakistan, obviously because of my colour of skin. I’m not from Pakistan; my home is in Scotland.

‘I was delighted to be joined by colleagues right across the political parties, standing in unity with me. So I’m pleased their voices were drowned out.’

Miss Fransen was filmed by supporters ambushing Miss Sturgeon outside a polling station and accusing her of leaving Scotland ‘flooded with immigrants’. The First Minister responded: ‘You are a fascist, you are a racist and the southside of Glasgow will reject you.’

Mr Jackson and a small band of followers arrived at yesterday’s count wearing yellow stars bearing the phrase ‘Unvax’, apparently conflating the vaccinatio­n programme with the treatment of Jews in pre-War Germany.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: ‘Officers assisted in escorting six people from the Emirates Arena, Glasgow, following complaints about their behaviour.

‘Enquiries into this matter are ongoing.’

‘Targeted by far-Right thugs’

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