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Experts urge caution despite six days without a death

- By Sam Walker

SCOTLAND yesterday marked the longest period with zero Covid deaths since before the start of the second wave.

The Scottish Government yesterday registered just one death in the country, bringing to an end a six-day run without a fatality.

It marks the longest unbroken period without a coronaviru­s-related death since September, when Scotland went seven days without recording a single death.

But with lockdown restrictio­ns set to ease in just a week’s time, when most of Scotland will fall down to Level 2, a leading hygiene expert has warned that the pandemic is a ‘war that has yet to be won’.

Professor Hugh Pennington said: ‘There has been very good uptake of the Covid vaccine, even more than the flu jab and it’s very significan­tly reduced the risk to people in those older age groups who get a lethal infection. But with outbreaks still happening we do have to be cautious about saying the problem is over and we can all go back to normal life.

‘The problem goes from being a local one, which we can cope with, to importatio­n of the virus, because we know there’s a lot of the virus in other countries.

‘Foreign holidays also become very problemati­c because that is how the virus got here in the first place. We don’t want to get back into a third wave situation and then we’re back to square one.’

Linda Bauld, professor of public health at the University of Edinburgh, said: ‘No deaths for nearly a week is significan­t so people can be very optimistic at the moment.

‘But that doesn’t mean we should all change our behaviour. We also need to recognise that even when we get to Level 0 in June restrictio­ns will still be in place.’

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