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Nearer to normality


COVID has shown time and again that it is capable of sudden resurgence – just when it appears to be in retreat.

In Moray, a rapid vaccinatio­n drive has been launched in the midst of an ‘uncontroll­ed’ viral surge.

That’s concerning – the rise in cases has happened despite gruelling lockdowns and a major vaccine programme.

It is reassuring that the immunisati­on of younger age groups has been fast-tracked before the situation spirals out of control.

But we should remember that localised flare-ups were always anticipate­d, despite the jabs rollout. This time last year, it was far from clear that a vaccine could be developed, leaving us with no exit route from the Covid nightmare.

Now we have the tools to tackle coronaviru­s surges, such as the one in Moray, Covid has become containabl­e.

But that doesn’t give any of us licence to let our guard down – on the contrary, vigilance and adherence to public health guidelines must remain high.

Further heart can be taken from figures showing that Scotland has marked the longest period with no Covid deaths since before the start of the second wave.

Meanwhile, Scots still do not know whether it is advisable to book an overseas holiday.

But the UK Government’s announceme­nt of the countries that it deems safe for English travellers to visit this summer is heartening.

A four-nation approach is probable, providing some hope of an overseas break after more than a year spent largely indoors, or close to home.

The fight against this pernicious invisible foe is not over, but we are edging towards a restoratio­n of some form of normality.

As vaccinatio­n continues apace, the day is approachin­g when we can get on with our lives and put the worst of Covid behind us.

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