Scottish Daily Mail

This shameful lack of proper priorities


STRONG words this week from care homes boss robert Kilgour, who said he believed that the SNP government had prioritise­d independen­ce over saving lives in Scotland’s care homes. Pointing out that officials started working on an independen­ce Bill in early February yet rejected calls for an inquiry into care home deaths, he said: ‘It is a huge brass neck for Nicola Sturgeon to tell us she couldn’t have a lessons-learned inquiry after the first wave, before the second wave, because her officials were too busy, and all through the second wave her officials were too busy fighting the pandemic, but meanwhile she is telling people behind the scenes to spend time, energy and effort on preparing for Indyref 2.’

I can’t say I disagree. The SNP has long had a distastefu­l habit of putting independen­ce first. To put it ahead of a probe into the tragic, needless deaths of hundreds of care residents, however, is a new low.

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