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The worst driver in Scotland ...banned for 112 YEARS!

- By Gordon Currie

A joyrider was already banned for three lifetimes and 112 years when he crashed at speed into another motorist on a roundabout.

john Phillips drove through red lights and at ‘grossly excessive speed’ despite having already been banned from driving on 21 previous occasions.

The 31-year-old had been freed early from a previous jail term when he tore round the residentia­l streets of Perth before going to a house party where he was eventually arrested.

Phillips has been described in court as having one of the worst driving records in Scotland. He was jailed for two years and his fourth lifetime ban from driving

‘Seen to drive off at excessive speed’

was imposed when he admitted the latest offences at Perth Sheriff Court on Thursday.

david Holmes, defending, said Phillips feels ‘freedom’ when he is driving and his behaviour in relation to cars may be a sign of a psychologi­cal issue.

He added: ‘There is such frequent driving in his record that it may need questioned whether it is because of some deep underlying issue. When asked, he says he feels a freedom and removal of anxiety.’

Phillips, of Perth, admitted driving dangerousl­y and at high speed around various streets in the Letham area of the city on january 31.

He also admitted driving the uninsured Ford Focus while banned, driving through red lights, failing to stop for police and colliding with a Suzuki Swift at a roundabout.

Fiscal depute Gail russell told the court: ‘He has served seven lengthy sentences for road traffic offending. He has multiple road traffic conviction­s dating back to 2007.

‘Police told staff at the Co-op they were looking for the accused. A short time later the staff called police to advise that the accused was seen leaving the car park.

‘Police observed the car coming towards them and turned their marked vehicle around. Blue lights were activated and he was seen to drive off at excessive speed.’

Miss russell said there were pedestrian­s and other cars around as Phillips raced around the streets before ignoring a red light and hitting the Suzuki as he cut across a roundabout.

officers found fresh footprints in the snow outside his mother’s house, but Phillips was not present and was discovered at a party later that evening.

Sheriff Gillian Wade said: ‘There is no other disposal than by a custodial sentence.’

Previously, Phillips, who has been convicted on at least six occasions of dangerous driving, has been described by a lawyer as having a ‘deep-seated attraction’ to cars which fuelled his long list of conviction­s.

Phillips was also compared to driving as if he was in ‘a TV show or movie’ when he was caught driving at 70mph on streets which had speed bumps and a 20mph speed limit.

 ??  ?? Jailed: John Phillips is led from court
Jailed: John Phillips is led from court

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