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Trans lobby’s latest enemy? Tunnock’s!

Call to cancel firm over donation to gay group

- By John Abiona

SCOTLAND’S beloved family-run bakery Tunnock’s has become the latest victim of cancel culture after it donated treats to a group accused of transphobi­a.

There were calls to boycott the manufactur­er, based in Uddingston, Lanarkshir­e, yesterday after it supplied its famous tea cakes to the LGB Alliance’s inaugural conference.

LGB Alliance, which promotes the rights of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men and supports women who believe it is impossible to change biological sex, has been accused of being anti-trans.

The latest episode in the culture wars was ignited after LGB Alliance thanked Tunnock’s for donating the treats for the event at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in central London.

It wrote on Twitter: ‘Many thanks to Tunnock official who kindly donated generous quantities of their fabulous caramel wafers and the legendary Tunnock’s Tea Cake.

‘Both were gulped down by a hungry LGB crowd and lovely straight and trans allies. (Gannets every one of them).’

Soon after there were calls online from some trans rights activists to boycott Tunnock’s. Scottish Liberal Democrat drugs policy spokesman Ben Lawrie wrote on Twitter: ‘You mean unnock’s ea cakes? If you’re excluding the T you might as well be consistent.’

Teacher Vic Symonds tweeted: ‘This Gay Glaswegian can’t buy from [Tunnock’s] in good conscience now. The LGB Alliance actively harms my whole community. They attack and undermine trans people and wrecked my favourite biscuit. Scunnered.’

Another wrote: ‘Could you please explain why your company donated product to an anti-trans hate group conference? Do Tunnock’s support removing the rights of the trans community & agree that gay teachers are a danger to kids?’

But India Willoughby, Britain’s first transgende­r national television newsreader, called for calm over the proposed boycott.

She said: ‘Have it on good authority that the lovely Tunnock’s had no idea who the LGB Alliance even were when they supplied freebies.

‘Thought they were supporting LGBT. Cut them some slack.

‘Bound to happen when you get baddies masqueradi­ng as the good guys.’

Demand for Tunnock’s Tea Cakes was said to have soared after they ‘starred’ in a dance at the opening ceremony of the Commonweal­th Games in Glasgow 2014. The manufactur­er was said to have sold an extra 15million in the year after the games.

Tunnock’s was approached for comment.

‘No idea who LGB Alliance were’

 ?? ?? ‘Fabulous’: Tunnock’s Tea Cakes
‘Fabulous’: Tunnock’s Tea Cakes

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