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Woman given jab overdose


A YOUNG woman said her ‘nerves have been wrecked’ after she was injected with six times the standard dose of the Pfizer booster vaccinatio­n.

Caitlin Russell was phoned by a nurse two hours after she received the dose at the town hall in Airdrie, Lanarkshir­e, last Monday and advised to go to A&E.

The 22-year-old’s parents took her to the town’s Monklands Hospital where she learned of the blunder.

Medics were unable to reassure the admin worker as they had never dealt with such a situation, but said they thought she would be ‘fine’.

Miss Russell, of Coatbridge, Lanarkshir­e, had mistakenly been jabbed with a full vial, which is normally split and diluted into six shots. She was sent home after the check-up because the danger of catching the virus on the wards was considered ‘too high’. Miss Russell, pictured, told The Scottish Sun that the error has put her off receiving any further vaccines and is planning to make a formal complaint. She said she was crippled with anxiety as she waited for any side-effects to appear. She added: ‘My nerves have been wrecked. I couldn’t sleep as you don’t know what’s going to happen. ‘The doctor and nurse both said they think I will be fine, but it’s not a definitive answer.’

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