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Time to return to your Tory instincts, Boris


CREDIT where it is due to Labour for proving it is never too late to change your mind. Not only has the party warmed to Brexit, it is proposing tax cuts, too!

Sir Keir Starmer treated the public with disdain by attempting to overturn the referendum, insisting no good could come of it. Well, his flagship plan to help families hit by spiralling energy prices – axing VAT on fuel bills – would be impossible inside his beloved EU. But Boris Johnson, who championed lopping the levy once outside the bloc, has cooled on the idea – letting Labour steal his political clothes.

As the cost of living crisis erupts, the Prime Minister must stop dithering over his own rescue package. Millions of hardpresse­d households face a toxic mix of a new National Insurance hike, higher council tax, increased mortgage payments, rising food and petrol prices – the list goes on.

While No10 sleaze scandals may recede in voters’ minds, they are less likely to forget (or forgive) a government that forces them to choose between heating and eating.

Mr Johnson should, then, heed the wise words of Lord Frost. The ex-Brexit minister urges him to follow his Tory instincts for free markets, low taxes and sensible environmen­talism. That would allow postBrexit Britain to maximise its new freedoms, and boom.

In winning his 80-seat majority, the PM promised voters prosperity and better lives – not raided pay packets, spending splurges on unrealisti­c visions, a ruinous green agenda and continenta­l-style dirigisme. Labour offered that and was soundly thrashed. It’s a lesson Boris should quickly remember.

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