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‘Christian tattoo’ reprieve


AN Iranian sex offender delayed deportatio­n by claiming he had converted to Christiani­ty and had a tattoo of a cross.

The 42-year-old, who can only be identified as ‘MM’, arrived in the UK clandestin­ely in 2010. He was refused asylum and brought appeals, but in 2016 he was convicted of two sex assaults and jailed for over seven years.

MM was served with a deportatio­n order but claimed his removal would breach his right to ‘private and family life’ as he had a partner and two sons here. When that failed he changed tack and claimed he would face torture or inhuman and degrading treatment in Iran because he had abandoned Islam for Christiani­ty.

An immigratio­n tribunal granted his appeal, but Home Secretary Priti Patel challenged the decision.

A ruling from the upper immigratio­n tribunal said: ‘The appellant claimed to have a tattoo of a Christian cross.’ But it added: ‘There was no evidence of the claimed tattoo.’ The judge ordered a fresh hearing, which has yet to take place.

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