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Cooking for Putin was my very worst kitchen nightmare

- By Stuart MacDonald

HE has a reputation as a firebrand who is never afraid to forcefully speak his mind.

But Gordon Ramsay has shared details of the most intimidati­ng person he has ever encountere­d – Vladimir Putin.

The chef said he was terrified he might give the Russian president food poisoning when asked to prepare a meal for him.

The 55-year-old Scot cooked for Putin and then prime minister Tony Blair at a lunch in Downing Street in 2000. But the Hell’s Kitchen star, famed for his foulmouthe­d outbursts, admitted: ‘I genuinely did s*** myself. I was thinking, “Could you imagine if you food-poisoned these two? Could you imagine the kind of s*** I would get if I took these two down?”

‘It was quite an extraordin­ary experience. I was standing in between them to say hello and they were asking me about the English asparagus and I’m thinking “Get me the f*** out of here, I’m done”.’

Speaking on the Kelly Clarkson show in the US, Ramsay said he served a menu that included tomato consommé with golden caviar from albino sturgeon, mosaic of chicken and ham knuckle, and roasted sea bass on crushed new potatoes with white asparagus in a red wine sauce.

Ramsay said he donated his fee for the lunch to charity.

 ?? ?? Master chef: Gordon Ramsay, inset, with Putin and Blair at No10
Master chef: Gordon Ramsay, inset, with Putin and Blair at No10
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