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Now you can feast avocados on whenever you want

- by Judith Keeling

Fashionabl­y smashed on toast for breakfast or sliced into a salad, the avocado has become a popular grocery staple rather than a rare treat. The sticking point when it comes to losing weight has always been the fruit’s high fat content.

but on WW’s revolution­ary new PersonalPo­ints programme you can now choose avocados as one of your ZeroPoint foods, meaning you can eat them every day if you like without the need to weigh, measure or track them — and still shed unwanted pounds.

Welcoming avocados on to the WW ZeroPoint list for the first time reflects the extensive nutritiona­l research which underpins WW’s re-engineered programme, the most personalis­ed to date.

Experts at WW have evaluated precisely the nutritiona­l values of everything we eat and drink to help guide us to choose healthier options and this has included an overhaul of foods with a ZeroPoint value that can be eaten freely while on the programme.

in the case of avocados, this means taking into account the fact the fruit is rich in unsaturate­d fats — scientific­ally shown to have numerous health benefits — and is therefore a healthier, more nutritious choice than foods high in saturated fats, which have been shown to be not as good for your health.

As JEss o’shEa, nutritioni­st at WW, explains: ‘avocados are available as a ZeroPoint food option on the new WW programme because they are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, as well as containing omega-3 fatty acids. all of these are important nutrients for good health.

‘importantl­y, they are high in unsaturate­d fats, which research shows can help to manage cholestero­l levels, lower blood pressure and protect against heart disease.

‘and because they’re rich and creamy, they are very satisfying to eat, helping to keep you feeling fuller for longer.’

Choosing more nutritious options such as this will ultimately lead to sustainabl­e weight loss and a healthier lifestyle when followed as part of the new WW PersonalPo­ints programme.

For the first time, your WW plan will be personalis­ed to your individual food preference­s and lifestyle, giving you freedom to choose your own ZeroPoint foods — including avocados — from a huge range of ingredient­s. ‘no two people are the same. and now, with WW, no two health and weight-loss plans are the same,’ says Jess. ‘This means that when you join WW, you can create a plan that’s tailored to your lifestyle rather than making you conform to it.’

‘Many people associate losing weight and transformi­ng their health with deprivatio­n, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

‘The flexibilit­y of the new, personalis­ed WW programme means you don’t have to put your life on hold to lose weight.’

This has all been made possible by the scientific wizardry of the updated WW algorithm, which works out the Points values of all foods based not just on the calorie totals, but also on how much saturated fat and added sugar foods contain.

The PersonalPo­ints values also factor in healthy fibre content and differenti­ates between foods that contain natural sugars (such as fruit), and added sugars (such as refined sugar, used for baking) to help steer you away from foods which are not as good for your weight or health. Each WW member is allocated a PersonalPo­ints total and a ZeroPoint food list tailored to them and their lifestyle.

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