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All of a twitter at robin’s song


CUTTING down perennials in the garden, I heard the most wonderful birdsong. I looked up to see a robin just 3ft away, singing its heart out. I told him how pleased I was to hear him and what a good singer he was, whereupon he sang once more before flying off. The feeling of pure joy and gratitude has stayed with me.

JEAN GLOVER, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent.

I ALWAYS thought robins were solitary and bad tempered with other birds. Two began to visit my garden, but only one was allowed to eat the bird food I left out. So I’ve set up two bird tables and they eat separately. Seems like a marriage to me!


WHAT brings me joy in the depths of a cold winter (Letters)? The robin in my garden; going on a nature hunt with my five-year-old granddaugh­ter; watching a film (even if it’s not one I’d choose) with my grandson; and being greeted by my dog.

Mrs L. WEISS, Grays, Essex.

 ?? ?? Feathered friend: A robin
Feathered friend: A robin

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