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Wind power folly


LAST week, Hunterston B nuclear power station, capable of supplying 1.7million homes, was shut down. It had provided clean electricit­y for 46 years.

Lang Banks, of WWF Scotland, said that renewable electricit­y will fill the gap left by Hunterston B – despite wind turbines being unreliable. Over the last 12 months, gas has supplied 41.8 per cent of UK electricit­y, nuclear 16.4 per cent and wind 18.7 per cent.

No matter how many inefficien­t wind turbines there are, if the wind does not blow then no electricit­y. Britain needs new reliable gas and nuclear power plants or the lights will go out.

CLARK CROSS, Linlithgow, West Lothian.

A SAD day for Scottish nuclear power when Hunterston B closed last week after providing enough power for all Scottish homes for 31 years.

The SNP anti-nuclear policy means that we will now have to import more gas at very high prices as massive investment in wind power proves consistent­ly expensive and unreliable.

DENNIS FORBES GRATTAN, Bucksburn, Aberdeen.

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