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Putin sends women in jail to frontline


RUSSIA is believed to be sending female prisoners to war in Ukraine to make up for a lack of manpower.

The Ukrainian armed forces general staff said Vladimir Putin has sought ‘alternativ­e sources’ to make up for ‘heavy losses’ of in the conflict.

‘Last week there was a movement towards the Donetsk region of a train with reserved seats for transporti­ng prisoners. One of the carriages [was for] convicted women,’ a statement read.

Olga Romanova, the founder of the Russia Behind Bars organisati­on, believes around 100 women were sent to Ukraine.

Male prisoners have been recruited in Russia in their tens of thousands and offered a deal which cancels their sentences if they serve six months on the frontline – with most serving in the Wagner private army.

However the precise role the female prisoners are playing in the war is unknown.

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