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Now Penny puts SNP to the sword

- By John Paul Breslin

PENNY Mordaunt has told the SNP it should ‘learn a lesson’ from the Coronation after one of the party’s MPs attempted to belittle her role in the ceremony.

During Business Questions in the House of Commons yesterday, Deidre Brock tried to make light of Ms Mordaunt’s part in the Coronation.

The Nationalis­t MP for Edinburgh North and Leith said: ‘Commendabl­e upper body strength on show there and with the added strain of having to remain silent virtually all afternoon, so well done her. Maybe, though, it was a speak softly and carry a big sword moment, as it appears carrying a lethal weapon and wearing an imperial-style outfit now makes her favourite to be the next Tory leader. Was it the sword of Damocles she was clutching?’

Ms Mordaunt was quick to respond, answering: ‘I’m very aware that my most successful role in my career to date has been when I have been silent, and that has not been lost on me.’

She continued: ‘I know that she and her colleagues did not necessaril­y celebrate the Coronation but I would just say that they can learn a lesson from it – you can’t achieve anything with division and hate, the only way forward is service, duty and love.’

The Conservati­ve MP also mocked the SNP over the chaos engulfing the party, which has only recently managed to find new auditors.

Ms Mordaunt said: ‘I am genuinely delighted the SNP have found some auditors. With nearly 2,000 accountanc­y and auditing firms in Scotland, I was interested as to who they would pick to do the job. Yet the SNP have had to go to Manchester in order to find someone willing to take on the task.

‘Perhaps now they could turn their attention to their dire mishandlin­g of Scottish finances and the recommenda­tions of Audit Scotland. The SNP have been forced to raise income tax after a £100million budget overspend despite cutting public expenditur­e by £1.2billion this year. The Scottish people deserve better than that.’

Ms Mordaunt won plaudits from across the political spectrum as she carried the Sword of State into Westminste­r Abbey, then held up the 4ft weapon for much of Saturday’s two-hour service.

 ?? ?? Duty: Ms Mordaunt at the Coronation
Duty: Ms Mordaunt at the Coronation

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