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Will disposable vapes now face outright ban in Scotland?

- By Tom Eden Deputy Scottish Political Editor

DISPOSABLE vapes could be outlawed in Scotland amid fears over their effects on health and littering.

Humza Yousaf said an outright ban on the devices was under considerat­ion, citing their popularity among children and the scourge of discarded vapes blighting public places.

The First Minister confirmed yesterday that Zero Waste Scotland is reviewing the use and sale of vaping devices and is looking at their environmen­tal impact.

He also committed to taking ‘immediate action’ once the government agency reports its findings and makes a recommenda­tion.

The electronic devices, pictured, are promoted as an alternativ­e to cigarettes, and it is illegal for anyone under 18 to buy them.

But ministers are coming under increasing pressure to outlaw vaping products for all ages.

Asked at First Minister’s Questions yesterday whether he would be willing to ban disposable vapes, Mr Yousaf said: ‘We will give that considerat­ion.’

Responding to Scottish Green MSP Gillian Mackay, he added: ‘Littering of any kind is unacceptab­le. I share the member’s concerns about the environmen­tal impacts of singleuse vapes, not to mention the increased use among children and young people who should not have access to them in the first place. ‘I should make it quite clear that the use of these products is an issue we’re taking very seriously and nothing is off the table at this stage.’ Fifteen local authoritie­s have backed a national ban on singleuse devices, including Edinburgh and Glasgow. Councillor­s have voiced concern that brightly coloured and sweetflavo­ured vapes are being designed to appeal to children. Vapes are manufactur­ed as either refillable or disposable models and are marketed as a quittingai­d for adult cigarette smokers. But research suggests youngsters who smoke and vape are twice as likely to be heavy smokers by the time they leave school than those who only use tobacco. The latest study, involving 1,800 teenagers, indicated the devices are likely to ‘entrench’ tobacco use. The findings, published in the BMJ journal last month, showed vaping could be especially damaging among the young, adding that ‘steps must be taken to reduce adolescent access to ecigarette­s’.

‘Nothing is off the table at this stage’

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