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Mum’s ‘bruise’ under fingernail was cancer

- By Nia Price

A SCOTS mother who mistook a mark on her nail for a bruise discovered it was cancer after it was spotted by a beautician.

Stacey Boss had to have the fingernail removed during her cancer treatment and is now keen to highlight the symptoms.

The 32-year-old record label owner had been aware of a thin, brown streak lurking under the nail on her right thumb.

But she didn’t think anything of it until a nail technician spotted it during a manicure treatment and told her to get it checked out.

The mother of one was referred by her GP to a dermatolog­ist in 2019 and had her nail and part of her bone removed in March this year.

She was diagnosed with subungual melanoma – a rare type of skin cancer that occurs under the nails. Ms Boss, of Glasgow, still needs follow-up investigat­ions to determine whether the cancer has spread.

She is keen to raise awareness of the importance of people checking their nails for any abnormalit­ies.

She said: ‘I didn’t know anything about how skin cancer could be in a nail bed. It was mind-boggling.

‘I’d noticed it for a long time and just kind of shrugged it off as maybe a bruise. It was like a streak, from the cuticle to the top.

‘I’d just got used to it and it wasn’t until someone pointed it out that it was a big shocking moment.

‘The nail technician possibly saved my life, she’s well trained and was very aware, more than me.’

Ms Boss jokes that she now gets a 10 per cent discount on manicures as she only has nine fingernail­s.

She added: ‘It was such a relief to have it out. I’d tell others to check your nails every now and again.’

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 ?? ?? Warning: Ms Boss and ‘bruise’
Warning: Ms Boss and ‘bruise’

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