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1 Sudden outbursts are increasing in France with lots discontent­ed (5-3) 5 Church by type of house after turn produces tolls (6) 9 Leading figure with bunch shortly in a network (8) 10 Smoothing machine is less ornate, we’re told (6) 12 Some paid actors

in opera (4) 13 French noblewoman evicts some becoming militant (10) 15 Bring to an end track event lately of a crude sort around Hungary (6,7) 19 Bracing film shot by first person revealing children’s plaything (8,5) 23 Brian, perhaps, gets to prosper having springtime growth? (3,7) 25 A grey area in

Indian city (4) 28 At the wicket a fellow held back team, facing trouble? (2,1,3) 29 Fancy site in trade online characteri­sing edible food? (8) 30 Paid attention to explosive pair of media types (6) 31 Opportunis­t with unknown office attached to an embassy (8)


1 Largely replete amateur

actor in London suburb (6) 2 Injured in the East End,

carrying guns? (5) 3 Woman annoyed

naturalist in part (4) 4 Covered entrance I start to

criticise in Iberian city (7) 6 Vacation over time for

English composer (5) 7 Neat music played as accompanim­ent to a roast meal? (4,5) 8 Sounding like a hooter? (8) 11 Debatable test about

origin of orthodoxy (4) 14 Talk indiscreet­ly in

British scientific site (4) 15 Beautiful tea fairly

polished off (9) 16 Sound of reformist politician

in artificial headwear (3) 17 Horse of mixed colour rushed around middle of plots (4) 18 Mischievou­s group is blocking request for quiet (8) 20 Case of officials in

U.S. city prying (4) 21 Stupid Foreign Office liberal is housed in ordinary hotel (7) 22 Sloppy name restricted

in course (6) 24 Singer Cleo in part of

track, reportedly (5) 26 Cunning chap endlessly

on French island (5) 27 Flowerless plant and

river in marshy land (4)

 ?? ??

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