Quack­ery or cure?

Scot­land has seen its fair share of fads aimed at fix­ing all that ails us. While some have stuck around, we can be glad that oth­ers have failed to last the dis­tance

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Made pop­u­lar in the Vic­to­rian era by Lord By­ron, one of the first celebrity di­eters, this ap­par­ently helped cleanse the sys­tem of the poet who grew up in Aberdeen. Pota­toes would also be con­sumed in an at­tempt to re­duce the im­pact of side ef­fects from drink­ing the highly acidic brew. De­spite this, By­ron still suf­fered from vom­it­ing and oc­ca­sional di­ar­rhoea.


Not the type used to re­cover from se­vere ill­ness, a place de­scribed as a san­i­tar­ium in 1900 was a sort of spa, although meth­ods of treat­ment were rather dif­fer­ent com­pared to the present day. Although bathing re­mains pop­u­lar, mild elec­tric shocks as a form of heal­ing have, un­sur­pris­ingly, died out. A place for peo­ple to re­lieve their sick spirit, it failed to re­ally catch on and all but dis­ap­peared in the 1930s.

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