Scottish Field - - VENISON -

Veni­son has more pro­tein than any other red meat.

Gram for gram, it con­tains less fat than a skin­less chicken breast .

The Bri­tish deer pop­u­la­tion is be­lieved to be 1.5 mil­lion, the high­est level for 1,000 years.

Milk is the sin­gle-in­gre­di­ent mari­nade which both ten­derises and draws out the strong flavour of the meat (the milk must be drained away af­ter mar­i­nat­ing).

Ten­der­ness varies ac­cord­ing to the age of the an­i­mal and the way it is killed.

Stressed deer pro­duce adrenalin which can toughen meat.

Stalk­ing sea­son for red stags be­gins on 1 July and ends on 20 October. The sea­son for hinds starts on October 20 and ends on Fe­bru­ary 15.

The word veni­son comes from the Latin word venare mean­ing ‘to hunt’.

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