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I came across an ar­ti­cle in the Au­gust is­sue of Scot­tish Field [Glas­gow's Ge­nius] about Bruce Hamil­ton mak­ing Mack­in­tosh style fur­ni­ture. Re­cently the newly opened Mack­in­tosh Tea Room in Glas­gow ap­peared on TV, show­ing the work in­volved. An­gus Ross also made fur­ni­ture for the restora­tion and it an­noys me that this small work­shop in Aber­feldy that made 125 steam-bent chairs and 40 ta­bles, should not even have been men­tioned in the pro­gramme. The three fur­ni­ture mak­ers made ev­ery­thing by hand, work­ing week­ends in or­der to com­plete the or­der in time and ac­tu­ally de­liver one week sooner. The BBC had sent a film crew to the work­shop show­ing the story of their progress, which was to have been in­cluded in the tele­vi­sion pro­gramme. The day be­fore the pro­gramme was to be aired they tele­phoned and apol­o­gised that there was no time to in­clude it and the whole thing would not be used af­ter all. I think it in­cred­i­ble that such a small work force was even in the run­ning for the con­tract. An­gus Ross worked ter­ri­bly hard to se­cure this and, be­ing lo­cal, I feel that some recog­ni­tion should be shown. Per­haps there is room for an ar­ti­cle in the fu­ture in Scot­tish Field? Sab­rina Storey, Pit­lochry

Crafted: Bruce Hamil­ton, fur­ni­ture maker.

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