Pota­toes, Fen­nel, Lar­dons

Scottish Field - - FOOD & DRINK -

Serves 4


750g floury po­toa­toes (Maris Piper for ex­am­ple) 500ml veg­etable stock

1 onion, sliced

1 tsp fen­nel seeds

100g lar­dons

Hand­ful of pars­ley


In a pan sweat the onions down un­til ten­der and translu­cent, add the fen­nel seeds and lar­dons and fry un­til the fat of the lar­dons is ren­dered down (has melted).

Peel and cut the pota­toes to 0.5cm thick slices. Add to the onion and ba­con pan and cook for 15 min­utes, stir­ring to pre­vent it from catch­ing. Add 500ml of stock and carry on cook­ing un­til the stock has been ab­sorbed and the mix has thick­ened and is cooked, keep stir­ring to pre­vent it from catch­ing. Fin­ish with a hand­ful of chopped pars­ley.

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