Scottish Field - - ASPARAGUS -

• The word ‘as­para­gus’ is de­rived from the Greek word ‘as­phara­gos’ mean­ing ‘sprout’ or ‘shoot’. • As well as green and pur­ple va­ri­eties, white as­para­gus can be grown en­tirely un­der­ground. This pre­vents sun­light from reach­ing the as­para­gus, stop­ping pho­to­syn­the­sis. This in­hibits the pro­duc­tion of chloro­phyll – the pig­ment that gives plants their green colour. • As­para­gus is a mem­ber of the Lily fam­ily and is re­lated to onion, leeks, chives and gar­lic. • It takes a lot of pa­tience to grow as­para­gus – it takes around three years for it to reach full ma­tu­rity. • The top pro­ducer of as­para­gus is China – the coun­try pro­duces nearly 7 mil­lion tons of the veg­etable every year.

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